I’m doing a bit of restructuring with this blog.  I’ve actually started a new one and will only use this one for what it has become, a place to talk about dad’s journey and update those who like to check in periodically.  As winter closes in and mom and dad move into their new place, I am sure things will be challenging for dad, and us, at times.  It really is therapeutic for me to ‘write it out’ and I’ve been encouraged by peoples thoughts and prayers, especially for dad, but for us as family too.  My dad is a super special man and it’s my desire to honor him through this blog.  I chose to change the blog look also.  I felt these trees represented my dad’s depth, strength and wisdom.


About sehanna

I'm a stay at home wife and mom of three, who enjoys my 'job' very much. My children are getting older and beginning to stretch their wings, which is leaving me more time to pursue my interest in writing.
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